This article is written by Muni & Nidhi from Delhi. They are both Indian souls traveling India, China, North America and exploring food and photography out of hectic office life.

It was a surprise to see too many turbans and fellow Indians in a single International flight :) . The flight was Air India (Delhi to Toronto) and beginning of our North America chapter. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. We already had bucket list in mind for our travel and which is still growing up.

Our overall experience for Airlines Review – Air India (Delhi to Toronto) is 3/ 5. But the Plane landing was just awesome and the smoothest as compared to others.

Now let’s get into some technical….

01:45 AM IST: Boarded to our flight to Toronto from New Delhi’s IGI Airport Terminal 3 by Air India. This is an International Flight but din’t felt to be one exactly.

The leg space was not so good and spacious so we felt bit fixed and uncomfortable. Though you can enjoy the multiple language audio/ video entertainment including the facility for on air shopping. The attendants were very polite and in Indian traditional attire.

We reached the Pearson Airport at 7:45 AM EST. Flight duration 15 hr approx. We reached Canada in the morning and were waiting to get to the roads. But all this jet lag and only option we left with is sleeping.

Ok, so enough of technical and details. Now lets have our reviews and feast for eyes. :)

A look at the seating area and leg space for the economy class of Air India Toronto flight.

Our Reviews for Air India Airlines:-

Flight Type: International
Class: Economy
Cost: 63, 436.00 INR one way
Luggage limit: 2 pieces X 23 Kg Check-in and 8 Kg hand*
Food/ Quality: Good Veg :)
In flight Amenities: Audio -Video -AC power -Food -infant
Seats/ leg space: Low quality / not spacious
In-flight entertainment: audio/video entertainment in multiple languages, on air shopping
Duration: 15 Hrs
Fee of booking via card: Yes in case for international card, Liable with your bank
Option of choosing seat: Yes (Available online)

Finally reached Toronto Pearson International Airport, YYZ, Canada. Definitely a chilly reach and all new air to breath :) . It was a freezing experience to sit for 15 Hrs, but worth it. So stay tuned for our growing bucket list and all new series to reveal…

Muni & Nidhi

18 June 2012

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This article is written by Rishi Sankar, an avid traveler and writer from Trinidad

Whew… well I’m finally on the flight to Punta Cana. Note that I am NOT on the plane as yet, but the flight was not cancelled due to weather in the Dominican Republic. Tropical Storm Fay seems to be just screwing with me really but it is just one of many travel related delays I have seemed to endure in the last two months since starting this NYCHHC assignment.

But sweet news that a Trini won a medal in Sprinting! Like what the hell.. I knew about Marc Burns but Richard Thompson??? Seriously!?? Like who knew! Just saw that on the newsreel!

Anyway so back to the string of travel related mishaps, this week coming from Toronto to NYC, there was that ridiculous 18 hour delay in Toronto where lightning and thunderstorms colluded to make a routine one hour flight into a fricking nightmare.

Now I dont know what experiences a lot of other people seem to have when flying Spirit Airlines, but both times flying Spirit and the flight was late or something, but then again when you pay 212$ to go Trinidad for the weekend, once cannot really be too picky about the accomodations.

The rules for flying any low cost carrier should be as follows :

  • Bring your own food at any cost. Buy stuff outside and try and bring it in. Even buy airport food – items like fries and a small sandwich. Do NOT buy anything on Spirit…there is nothing to buy and the items they do have are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced
  • Go to the bathroom before the flight… one doesn’t want to be going on a discount airplane’s bathroom… god only knows the people that are using that bathroom <insert snob here>
  • Find somewhere comfortable and grab a quick nap…. for a 2-3 hour flight, it will set you in the right frame of mind.
  • Did I mention buy your own food, maybe get drunk outside the plane, in the airport bar.

Anyway my flight seems like it will take off successfully and I should be in Punta Cana in about 3 hours or so.  I’m gonna drop all my stuff… throw on the shorts and hit the water for a couple hours…. get some margaritas on the beach and maybe a massage – who knows what I can find on the waterfront.

Its been years since my first foray to the DR…but I should have some good shots going on there. Time to catch that flight!!!

16 Aug 2008

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The travel industry, today, has become very competitive. The players in the travel industry are always looking out to capture the market. With the new cuddle class facility to be launched next month, some airline carriers are targeting the different classes that continue to grow within their business.

So, what is this ‘New Cuddle Class’ facility?
Firstly, not all the airlines have started this facility. Under this facility, when two travelers traveling together buy two seats; they can buy the third seat at half the price. Some of the airlines are starting to introduce this, rows of three economy class seats that are bought together that can be converted in to one large seating space. This facility is more conducive for travelers traveling with their families or for couples who prefer their own cuddling space.

The cuddle class seats also known as the Skycouches would be launched only on some airlines like the Air New Zealand. In fact, Air New Zealand is set to launch this service from Auckland to LA in November.

Boutique travel agency Travel Associates general manager David Lovelock said that class divisions in the sky are narrowing as airlines move away from just the traditional economy, business and first class cabin configurations. People want more, and airlines are preparing to give them more.

Another, interesting news from the travel industry is the vertical seats. Yes, low cost carrier Ryanair has announced its plans to sell vertical seats. As the name suggests, vertical seats would be those seats where the passengers would be standing during their flight journey. Though, not everyone prefers having a standing journey. But the ones who prefer the same can pay less for their tickets.If these initiatives are successful at Air New Zealand and Ryan Air, they would definitely catch up with other airlines. And who else, but the passengers are definitely going to benefit from these innovative initiatives.

12 Oct 2011

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