This article is written by Neeraj Narayan. When Neeraj is not busy watching cricket, dimpling or doubling up as a Dilli tour guide, he likes to masquerade as a travel/sports writer.

Once upon a time Julius Caeser said “Veni vidi vici”. When translated to english it means “I came, I saw, I conquered” but methinks he was showing off a bit. Not that we should grudge him that joy, face it we are talking about a dude who captured half of the western world and managing to look serious at it even though he was wearing a skirt the entire time. Anyway, what it also means is that the guy got to see a lot of beautiful places in the world, something that we all hope and dream to do too. There maybe a lot of reasons why people hesitate to travel to international shores, and the prime one is the costs international travel involve.

Friends, Romans and countrymen, let cost no longer be a reason that dissuades you from travelling international for today we bring to you, after days of meticulous research (appraisal approaches, hence the drama) a list of the best international holidays under Rs 40, 000. Take a look and if ye love one so much that you plan that as your next holiday, well mate, you can come and hug me, but anything beyond that then you better be necessarily female.

1) Phi Phi Islands (Thailand) :

Phi Phi Islands

If Thailand was the Batman movie, Phi Phi  would have  been  its ‘Joker’. If the former were a game of Tennis, Phi Phi would be its Federer –  sublime and delicious.  It is Thailand’s poster boy and superstar island.

Approach the island on boat, and it looms up from the sea like an intimidating fortress. Towering cliffs give way to a beach-fronted jungle, and twenty bucks says that you shall run across the sand like a child, yelling with joy as soon as you set foot on the island.

Many a discerning traveler would say that Phi Phi is probably the only reason why one should land at Phuket. Unlike some of its bigger cousins like Phuket and Pattaya, the Phi Phi islands are still unravaged  by the evils of tourism.  While Phi Phi Don Island has no roads and just miles of white sand, pretty cottage resorts (budget prices) and a sea rich with coral reefs, the smaller Phi Phi Ley does not have any inhabitants at all. It is as if you have stepped back in time, and visited one of those Pirates in the Caribbean islands.

They say that charmers are always cocky of their appeal, at superb ease with themselves, and  have an air of freedom that cannot be tied down and will leave you yearning. Phi Phi is no different.

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