Malaysia: Shopper’s paradise

This article is written by Mukul Sagar

We, a group of three families, decided to visit Malaysia that has something for everyone, beautiful beaches and theme parks, and is also a shopper’s paradise. The moment our flight landed in Langkawi, the fun began. It was drizzling and the weather was perfect. On our way to the hotel, we were surprised to see absolutely clean roads. We were instantly in love with the beautiful beach city.

Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Langkawi is an old place that literally means The Red Eagle. We visited the famous emporium and proceeded to the water world. It had hundreds of species of fish and birds. All the children had great time getting clicked with the penguins. Thereafter, we visited the Eagle Square. It is a lovely place with a huge red eagle facing the sea. We also enjoyed various water sports such as parasailing and jet skiing.

The next day, we went to the bird sanctuary. It was a wonderful experience to see such a variety of birds. We even got clicked with birds perching on our shoulders. Thereafter, we went to the crocodile farm. It was a very unique concept and we were amazed at the bravery of the keepers who weren’t afraid to put their hands into a crocodile’s mouth, at the crocodile show. On our last day at Langkawi, we saw the famous skywalk, made even more famous in the movie, Don 2. It is a great place at a height of 752 metres above sea level. The trolley covered this distance quickly and it was simply awesome to be amidst the clouds and see the beautiful beaches and the sea from this height.

Sunway lagoon, Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, we visited the Sunway lagoon, famous for various themes parks and rides. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the big water park, especially the rollercoaster ride. We also visited the famous Petronas twin towers and went up to the midway structure. The experience is humbling, to say the least. At such a great height, everything below looks small and we marvelled at the giant structure built by man. In the evening, we shopped at big malls. China Town market is also a great place to shop as it is not very expensive and one can get good quality stuff.

Next day, we went to Genting Highlands theme park. The drive was great. It seemed that the clouds were rushing to meet us and we gently inhaled the fresh air of the mountains.At the theme park, the children took part in many activities and enjoyed the rides. We were slightly disappointed, as we could not do the outdoor rides due to inclement weather.

The Genting Highlands theme park

On the last day of our trip, we did some local sightseeing and visited the Chinese temple, the palace, city tower and other famous places. This was a beautiful trip and will remain etched in our mind for a long time.

Mukul Sagar

2 Dec 2010

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