Travel: Brighton (London on Sea), United Kingdom

This article is written by Debarpita Mohapatra. Debarpita is originally from Orissa, moves between London & New Delhi and is an avid photographer, traveler & travel blogger.

If I remember correctly, some 4+ hours and we were back to Slough at my sister’s place from a 150 mile ride and having lunch at Brighton. This particular place is called ‘London on Sea’, as it resembles the feel and culture of capital city. Brighton was never in my place-to-travel list, but on a lazy day when we were getting bored, then just decided to go out for lunch and ended in Brighton.

This particular place emerged as a health resort in 18th century and became a popular tourist destination with a densified population along with the coast. Being only 50+ miles down South from London, it has the advantage to be on the sea.

The sea-front is definitely a place to be enjoyed. Unlike some other sea fronts in the country, Brighton is quite wide with proper public amenities. If you want to see a sea-front development then this seems to be the place. I personally have not explored the place, neither do have many clicks as I was there for an hour or two.

The pebble beach is the most unique feature of the place and it is natural.

Here is Brighton Pier, originally built in 1823 for easy landing of passengers from ships and later converted to a commercial entertainment hub.

Did you know, Brighton is the nudist beach of United Kingdom 😉

Debarpita Mohapatra

Living in: Boston

When someone gives you directions that start off with “you can’t get there from here,” you know you are in Boston. But aside from the maddening one-way systems and tangle of streets, the city has an extensive public transport system, grand cultural institutions, albion towers of academia and smugly bourgeois brick architecture that are permanently attractive to long-time residents and mini-fridge carrying university students alike.

What is it known for?

In many ways the history of Boston is the history of the United States. Many of the nation’s creation myths were born here, from “the shot heard round the world” that began the American Revolution (in nearby Lexington), to the tea party that has political resonance today. You can walk the Freedom Trail (just follow the red bricks!) that takes you through a tour of downtown Boston, past the Old North Church and the State House to name a few historic spots.

UK Summer Travel Hotspots

Summer is an excellent time of year for UK travel, with many popular destinations across the country drawing crowds of tourists during this season. Brighton is one of the best British coastal towns, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who enjoy tours of the Brighton Pavilion, eating ice cream on the pier and sampling some of the famous local fish and chips.

For history lovers, the walled city of York is an attractive destination which boasts charming cobblestone streets and fascinating historical architecture at places like the York Minister and Betty’s tea house. Nature lovers will want to pay a visit to Norfolk broads, which are the largest protected wetlands in Britain. This area is famous for its unspoilt coastline and it’s especially popular with boaters and hikers.

October 2011